Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A Guide to Knowing if Your Relationship Can - and Should - be Saved

by Lundy Bancroft and JAC Patrissi

Book Cover
Bonus Materials

The items below called "Men's Chapter One" and "Men's Chapter Two" are materials that you can print out and give to your partner or ex-partner if he is showing signs of getting serious about working on his behavior and its underlying causes. These materials are appropriate for men who have been poor relationship partners due to addiction, immaturity (including fear of commitment to the relationship), infidelity, mental health problems/trauma, or abusiveness - or any combination of these.

These are modified versions of Chapters 9 and 11 from the book, rewritten to make them appropriate for the man to work with. We recommend that you print them out yourself and hand them to him rather than referring your partner to this website (or handing him the book, which we don't think is a good idea either); we think it's best if he has just the materials that are about his work, in hopes of keeping him focused on dealing with his own issues and not on analyzing yours.